About The MentorWorks Framework


The transformation of individuals from the bondage of addiction & incarceration to the freedom of sobriety, self- reliance, self-determination, & thriving families & communities.


Assist those struggling with addiction & homelessness by providing trusted mentors & Healthy Transition Homes.


  1. Redemption: We believe in the redemptive, changing power of the Savior, that every soul has worth.
  2. Agency: We believe agency is central to God’s Plan & support the choice of worthy goals & self-determination.
  3. Education: We believe education empowers higher levels of meaning, service, problem solving, & prosperity.
  4. Self-Reliance: We believe self-reliance contributes to greater mental health & successful daily living.
  5. Service: We believe there is a healing power that comes through serving others.
  6. Relationships: We believe in the power of relationships, preeminent of which is our relationship with God.
  7. Family: We honor parents & believe families have an eternal impact on individual development & progress.


To heal individuals caught in addiction & homelessness by providing a foundation where hope, strength, & spirituality are cultivated through healthy living, employment, life skills, service, family ties, & non-recidivism.


  1. Be the premier provider of Healthy Transition Homes
  2. Reduce recidivism & relapse for at least one year following incarceration
  3. Assist incarcerated, homeless, & current clients with creating dynamic, viable treatment plans.
  4. Instill lifelong principles of spirituality, self-reliance, self-worth, & healthy relationships.

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