Kenton’s Journey

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Volunteer | 0 comments

Kenton’s Journey

When I started as a volunteer intern at the Foundation for Family Life, I was a little unsure of myself and if I could make a difference. Parker has been instrumental in helping me grow through this opportunity. My time at the Foundation for Family Life has been a great preparation for me in the career of social work. The staff is great to work with. This agency really strives to make a difference for the people it serves.

In my time volunteering, I’ve been given very hands on assignments to help diverse clients to improve in their recovery and life. My assignments have included working with my clients on creating and running a budget, getting a job, creating and setting short- and long-term goals, monitoring their progression, and more.

One of the most exciting things has been seeing the growth within myself. I’ve been able to use the skills I’ve learned and continue to work on those skills. I’ve also enjoyed working with clients and seeing their growth. Going into the Foundation for Family Life gets me out of bed in the morning and excited for a great day.

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